Our big 5 year old!

Adelynn had her 5th birthday in August. I can't believe she's 5! She of course wanted a Frozen party, so we did our best even though it was August and about 100' outside.

 Sven snacks
 "We finish each others sandwiches"
 and Elsa punch

 Kennedy made some homemade decorations : )

She also asked to be in charge o making the pin the nose on the Olaf game for the party. I love that girl. : )

 It's so fun to watch her open presents. I love that thankful heart!

 At one part during the party, I found the girls in their room, with Kennedy reading them her handwritten Frozen story. These gals can also be crazy at times, but this was a really sweet moment.
 We also got to have some hang out time with some friends...a little chatting and a little bocce ball.



The girls have been asking to get their ears pierced for years, but they'd keep changing their minds. I told them that it had to be something they wanted to do and thought they could be brave enough to do before we could go. Well, at the end of July, they both decided they were ready, so we decided to take them. They were SO excited!
 I'd like to say that it was a great experience, but it wasn't. Dasun and I were stressing out, because when Kennedy went, one of the ladies missed her ear completely (even though they did it at the same time). Then we had to go buy earrings at a different place because they were out of those.

Next up, it was Adelynn's turn with DIFFERENT people helping because of the earlier mishap.
Nope...problems again...one of the earrings was through the very bottom of her ear! For real?! Not good for already nervous parents. Well, they have a 24 hour rule, so we had to wait 24 hours before they could pierce her ear again. So sweet girl had to go around with only 1 earring in her ear, then had to go back to get her ear pierced after having the knowledge that it hurt. She did awesome the first time...not even a flinch! But the second time...she freaked out a bit. The good news...they both did well and their ears are happy and healthy now. : )

The crazy thing is that after we left, this lady drove up behind us in the parking lot, increased her speed, and revved up her engine, and honked at us, because she didn't want to wait on us to cross over to our car. ha! Some people are crazy town, but I guess we at least had opportunities to show grace and forgiveness. : )

After all of that, we thought they could use some ice cream.

The girls were so happy! They had no idea what a crazy day it was. They were just excited about their earrings. : )



On my birthday, I got to wake up to these excited girls that couldn't wait to give me their presents. How cute are they!
KK made me a homemade Frozen puzzle.
those sweet chocolaty eyes : )
 They got me sweets that I haven't had in a looong time,which I did have a little of, since it was my birthday.
Then my precious friend Kristin took us out for gluten free cupcakes at Bliss Cupcake Cafe. The cupcakes were yummy, but I am even more thankful for her friendship.
 Then I got to go out to dinner with these people! : )

35 years old and I loved cresting the hill.
I feel so blessed...far beyond measure.


Hot fun in the summa-time!

After we moved in, it hit us that summer was almost over, so we tried to fit as many fun last summer things in amongst the continuing DIY/ unpacking/ reno:
Ice cream trips, that remind me of my grandpa taking me and my cousins to get ice cream and then driving us home in the back of his truck....our ice cream melting and whipping all over our faces. ha!!
 look at this face!

 I took the girls to their 1st flea market. This was my mom and I's favorite thing to do. : )
The LOVED it and were so good. They kept saying, "Aren't we doing so good at not touching things!?" I sure do love these girls.

 Soccer Camp:
Our friends Scott and Casey put on a free soccer camp, which was perfect because Kenned wanted to start soccer this fall.

 Some fun dates with mama:
 Going to see fun wild animals at the library (mommy chickened out and left before the ginormous snake made its debut).

 Seeing the MAD Science guys do some amazing things

 and seeing mommy get picked because apparently she had the largest craziest hair in the room. ha!

Visiting friends/ farms and picking veggies

 Skating and seeing both of my girls do the limbo
 watching Kennedy WIN the limbo!- Something I have never been able to do. : )
Woo hoo Kennedy!
 Getting to play with and skate with my girls.
So much better than this time last year. : ) Praise the Lord!
Dates with Papa
 Some swimming fun
 Time with friends!
Drive-in movie night
 More swimming fun with school buddies : )
 Reuniting with old friends -watching our kids make immediate friends and play together
 Eating watermelon and cooking out : )
 Being "warrior princesses"
 Eating more ice cream!
 and of course, more goofiness : )
We had a blessed summer and I am always sad to see it end. I feel the busyness coming and I kind of dread it. I truly love having extra time with my girls. They are such a blessing to my heart. : )