Kennedy's 2nd Birthday

Kennedy's Mimi found this ladybug outfit for her ladybug party. It was so precious, that we had to wear it despite the red and black icing. : )
We had a few problems getting the cake lit and keeping it lit, but we weren't about to complain about the wind on such a gorgeous day! It had rained almost everyday the week before. Praise the Lord for beautiful weather on her birthday! Another reason we were thankful for the sun was that we got her a swing set for her birthday and were so glad she could play on it. She keeps going to the back door and asking to go to "the park." We are all sunburned from pushing her on the swing morning, noon, and night. ha!
Everyone had such a good time at the party...even the big kids. We played volleyball, dug in the sand, blew bubbles, played with sidewalk chalk, etc... We didn't even make it over to the playground equipment.

We had such a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who came or called. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! We love you all so much!


Heidi said...

all these kiddos are just growing up SO fast. Loved the cake!

Mindy said...

Hey Girl!!! Kennedy is getting so big!! What a cutie!! I talked to Candra Brasel and she said you guys are related. SMALL WORLD!! She is the counselor in Huntsville where I teach 2nd grade.