The Potty Training Begins : )

Today we began the new adventure of potty training! I was a bit nervous, but hopeful. I am not going to go back and forth. I think she's ready, so we are going to stick to our guns now that we've started. I think her personality needs that consistency. We used the method in which you have the child help you teach a doll first, lots of encouragement, treats, and practice when an accident occurs. She was mostly excited about the new doll and wanted to play with "baby" all day long. Overall, today was a long day, but went really well. She is not potty-trained "in a day", but I didn't expect that. I had never really given much thought to how much new knowledge has to be attained during this process...walk to the potty, pull your pants down, climb up to the potty, sit down far enough back for the pee pee to go in, wiping, flushing, pulling back up the pants, etc.... It's a lot to take in. She has the whole process down (and can do it all without help) after day one. I was so proud of her. Now we just have to work on actually going when she needs to, instead of continuing to play. I can't blame her at all. Not only has she been doing it that way for 25 months, but she also has a mother who waits to the last minute as well. : ) I am hoping tomorrow will go even better.


Lydia & Scotty said...

Good Luck with the potty training...Oh...all these things I have to look forward to. :) I'm glad you are going throught it all now. You'll be a pro, when I need help. Love you!

heather said...

Good luck! I'll be asking for advice before I know it!

Mitzi said...

Ahhh...so glad you are doing it before me! :) Let me know how it goes. One thing at a time for us...first paci, then on to potty training! Fun times!