Throwing in the towel : )

Ha! Well...we kind of threw in the towel today. After a week we were making no progress and we were both miserable. 5 days of non-stop potty-training, checking for dry pants, cleaning up messes, and tears. My friend Casey that was an early childhood major, said "If it's that hard, she's probably not ready...take off a few weeks or so and then give it another try. She said that she did that 2 times with her daughter and on their last try it was very easy because she was ready. I was really worried about stopping after I started, but also worried about sticking with it (since she was literally bawling every time she had to go potty- even though I was pulling out all the bells and whistles trying to make it fun). I feel okay about waiting another month or two. I'll keep you updated as we go.


Heidi said...

don't feel bad, sweetie! We stopped and started multiple times ... she'll let you know when she's ready. :-)

Mitzi said...

Good for you!