8 years!

Dasun and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this June. We were so excited because Dasun won a certificate for dinner for two at Ella's restaurant and a night stay at Carnall Hall. We arrived at dinner only to find out that we wouldn't be ordering. One of Dasun's friends is a chef at Ella's and he had already prepared what he wanted us to have. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about what we were going to be eating. Luckily he came out and checked the menu he prepared with us. Most of the things were items we would never have ordered on our own, but everything was wonderful. It was the fanciest dining experience either of us have ever had. It was 5 courses and everything was so beautifully prepared. It was almost like going on an adventure, never knowing what was next, trying new things, etc... We had a great time and got to spend the next day together as well! Boy...8 years...we have learned so much in that time. God has definitely used us to sharpen each other. It's been a wonderful and sometimes painful process, but by God's grace, we love each other more than ever. I feel so blessed to have a man who is still so loving and fun to be around after all of these years. I look forward to many more. : )