Camping Fun

We went camping this last weekend. It was Kennedy's 1st time to go camping and it was also our first time to use our new roomier tent. She loved every bit of it and even helped us gather sticks for the fire. By the looks of Kennedy's sweaty little curls around her face, you can tell it was a bit warm, but we had an awesome time!
I got this sweet picture after waking up. I looked over and saw Kennedy sleeping and didn't want to forget that sweet little face.
We also went swimming while we were there. Kennedy had such a great time. She is a little fish. She wears a life jacket, but can swim by herself. Even when she goes under water, she just comes back up, coughs, and keeps on swimming. I'm so proud of her : ).


Lindsey said...

I love the picture of Kennedy sleeping. She is so pretty....just like her Momma!

Christy said...

Hi Ashley! I found your blog on JoAnna's......just wanted to say "hi" and Kennedy is so precious!