Family Picture Fun

My sister's sweet family got us a sitting a Bedford's for Kennedy's birthday. We have tried to schedule the pictures before, but Kennedy kept getting injured and we'd have to reschedule (yes...she has her mother's grace ha! ). We finally had our pictures taken Tuesday night and it was pretty crazy. Kennedy woke up on the wrong side of the bed after her nap. She was super emotional about everything! Dasun and I kept looking at each other like "what in the world?" She is normally such a fun and happy girl. She did okay during the family pictures (although every time the photographer would ask her to move she would break down again), but then when we tried her individual shots and she was not having it. She bawled almost the whole time. I don't know if she was scared to sit by herself or what (the room was pretty dark). I was so frustrated. After we left, she was fine. We went to go get something to eat and she was laughing and playing. I sarcastically said, "Oh, you're in a good mood now, Good timing." She turned to Dasun and said, "I had good timing daddy." We couldn't help but laugh. We got our pictures back today and when I came to the crying pictures I started giggling (at least I can laugh about it now). I'm glad we got all of the memories on film. I am including a progression below for your laughing pleasure. Stressful or not, I am thankful for these sweet pictures. Oddly enough, I think the crying pictures are some of my favorites.


Heidi said...

great family shots!

Lydia & Scotty said...

I love the pics...They are precious.