Vanessa & The Boys

Vanessa and the boys (Caleb & Luke) came down for a visit. The kiddos had such a good time playing together. They had the best time playing in the rain. Aunt Vanessa taught them how to fill up bowls from the water spout and then throw it. Kennedy may love purses, jewelry, and shoes, but she can run with the boys too. She's such a trooper. I don't mind some "girliness", and even think it's cute, but I also want her to be fun and tough. She definitely is. We went to Locomotion and she rode the go carts with me (& wasn't even scared) and she loved the bumper boats. She loves putting on capes with the boys and running around the house like a superhero. Her favorite thing to do though...wrestling.

Playing with the hose!
*If you are wondering why her mouth is blue, that is thanks to her Meme giving her a blue raspberry ring pop which she savored all the way 'til the plastic center. : )
Dasun's fun new toy. ..The Rocket Launcher! Dasun came home one day with a new toy he found and was so excited to try it. I laughed, because I can always count on him to come home from wal-mart with candy or a toy, but I have to admit that it's really cool. It hooks to your house and has an actual lever that you use to launch the rocket. It was so cool, that we decided to get one for Luke's Birthday present. Needless to say, they loved it and played with it for the rest of the evening.