Yeah! We tried a new approach that's very positive and relaxed (thanks Lora Jenson) and have been potty training for the last 3 1/2 days. No stress, just staying at home and working on it. On day one I had her throw out her diapers (so we couldn't get frustrated and give up) and then she got to open up her brand new big girl panties. After that it was practice, lots of praise, and reminders to tell me when she needed to go. I think my expectations were much more realistic than last time, which helped me have a ton more patience. I asked a few of my friends to be praying with us and boy did God answer our prayers. I couldn't have asked for this week to have gone better. I have a very stubborn child, so to be potty trained in 3-4 days is a miracle...I know because I've tried with her before. Today we have had no accidents and the only time I took her, was in the morning after she got up and right after her nap. She told me all the other times when she needed to go potty (1&2)! She's been waking up with dry panties in the morning too! Praise the Lord!!!! Please pray that it continues to go this well! : )


The Rainers said...

YEAH!! Praise the Lord! Audrey says "Good job Kenz...Kenz!"

Mauree said...

Way to go on potty training! I think Jonas is ready...but I am being lazy. We got Sarah's cake from Ricks. I contributed to my friend Emily's adoption fund and she fixed my blog for me. They are adopting a little girl from China.