Bedtime Antics

So...bedtime has been really interesting the last couple of weeks. To start off with, Kennedy has discovered that she can get out of her crib and back in without any help. Being that she's a night owl anyway, this doesn't help our situation. The child loves shoes, so for about 3 nights in a row she would get in and out of bed trying on her shoes. She will also take all of her books out of her bookcase, out them all in her bed, and just sit there reading all night. We have been leaving the door open a crack so that we can check on her to make sure she's in bed. We have had to add several new rules to the list now that she's discovered her new talent of escaping.
Last Sunday morning Dasun ran in and told me to come look at her.
This is what I found... ha!For some reason she's extremely fond of her black patent leather shoes. After the cold weather went away, I hid them, because she wanted to wear them everyday and it wasn't worth the struggle. Well...I guess she found them during her nightly adventures and fell asleep satisfied with her find. ha! I just love her so much. What laughter and joy she brings us!
Another thing that's funny is that she wants all three blankets around her when we lay her down. If she only has two of her big blankets, she'll say, "Nudder one blanket please."
One of my favorite thing she says right now is, "sing me a song momma". She does it every night before bed and also when we are driving in the car. I don't know why that's so precious to me, but I love it. I guess I know deep down that one of these days she'll be saying, "mom...stop singing you're embarrassing me," so I'll appreciate it while I can.
My favorite thing to sing to her is..

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name,
Master, Savior, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, let all heaven and earth proclaim,
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
but there's something about that name."


Mitzi said...

SOOOO precious! If I had a momma that could sing like you, I'd be asking all the time too! :)

Amy said...

This is so darling. We love Kennedy, she is such a sweetie. Such precious memories you will have.

JoAnna said...

For REAL. I agree wth Mitzi!! Funny, that is the only song (sung in a very high register) that would even come close to calming Keylor as an infant! :)

Lindsay and Robert said...

This story is precious. I love that she searched for the shoes and then slept in them - kids are hilarious!! Love the blog!