We went to Hardy to visit Dasun's parents. We haven't seen them in approx. 6 months, so it was a much needed visit. We had a great time! Pop Pop came swimming with us. He's even stylish when going to the river. Kennedy loved swimming as always and didn't want to leave.
Nana let Kennedy play with some of her jewelry. Nana's house is a jewelry jackpot! She came into the room with bracelets all the way up both of her arms and tons of necklaces. She spent a great deal of the night taking the jewelry on and off. She wanted to let Bunny wear them too, so Pop Pop helped her. This was such a sweet moment. What is it about men doing things like this with little girls that just gets me.
She accidentally left her bunny and had been asking about it all the time. 2 year olds don't understand that you can't immediately fix everything. Today we received a wonderful package...a letter & bunny (complete with jewelry). She was so excited.
"WOW Mommy! Wow! Bunny! Look Momma!"
The next picture is of her playing with the jewelry Nana sent.