Lydia's Painting

This was the last painting I did for my sweet friend Lydia, who I don't see near enough. She told me black, white, and pink and wouldn't give me any other preferences or ideas. I kept asking her questions and she'd say, " I don't care...surprise me." To which I replied, "you're killin' me smalls!" I like being creative, but I also like knowing that I am doing what you want (your ideas, your tastes, etc...). That's Lydia though. She's so laid back compared to me. ha! Maybe that's why we get along so well. It turned out to be a really fun project and probably one of my favorites. It seems like so many of my friends are all due around the same time. My sister in law Jenny(who already has 2 boys) and my friend Casey are due as well. I did a canvas for Casey too. She wanted the same verse I did in Kennedy's room and it turned out cute as well.

Baby Marion, Baby Sarah , and Baby Josie will be joining us very soon and I can't wait to meet them all.


Kristi said...

I love the painting that you did for little Marion Clare. I'm sure Lydia was so excited. Such a sweet family. Tell her I said "Hello!" You are so talented, Ash!

Lydia and Scotty said...

The painting looks great in her room. Everyone loves it. What a special present, that we will all treasure forever. I can't wait to show it to Marion Clare. Thanks SO MUCH!
I can't wait to see you on Wednesday(don't forget) :)
Love you