Sunshine & Barney..kennedy's songs

Kennedy loves singing. I heard her sing you are my sunshine the other day and just had to see if I could get it on video so I could share it. There is something about the way she says sunshine, that I find ridiculously cute. She watched Barney on AETN a couple of weeks ago and has been singing that song ever since. I don't care if it's Barney or not...it's a sweet song, and every time she sings it I get a hug and a kiss...Thank you Barney : ). In this video, she starts off singing You are my sunshine, get's a little distracted when she spills her water (we're painting) and then starts singing the Barney song (this one always seems to get louder as she goes...especially if we are in public). ha! It's a little choppy in places. because I had to cut it down to 100MB.
I apologize that you have to listen to me too. ha!

Ugh! It keeps posting sideways. If any of my brilliant friends know how to rotate this, that would be great. Until then, I guess this will have to do.


Brad and Deania said...

Oh, Ashley - I'm so glad you posted this! Kennedy is SO incredibly cute:)

Kelley and Melissa said...

Ashley! I don't know if you'll remember me, but this is Melissa Morgan (Pitzer now) from our U of A days! I was in all the ed classes with you! I always keep up with Tara's blog, then I came across Bonnie whom I haven't seen in years! Then, on hers, I found yours!!! How are you???

Here is my blog:
(Kelley is my husband's name)
Hope to hear from you soon!

Mitzi said...

So precious. Whit and I sat and giggled at that sweet thing singing. Those are two of Macy's favorite songs. I soooo wish they could be together more. Miss you.