Sweet Kennedy

I just wanted to write about my sweet girl. I have enjoyed her so much this week. I have had to really slow down ever since this pain all started, and it's been so nice to just sit back and observe her. We finally got past the terrible stage we were in (knock on wood) and have really been able to enjoy her. She still has her moments, but she has such a sweet spirit. She is learning so much and is talking so much more. She's repeating everything we say and getting so much better at using her manners and having conversations. She's such a little person now.
I love hearing our little conversations:

"Here's da phone Mommy."-"Thank you Kennedy."- "Yo welcome Mommy."

"Mommy tanks so much for da fruit snacks."-"You're welcome Kennedy." -" They're so yummy Mommy."

"Good morning KK, did you sleep well?"- "Yes, did you sleep so well Mommy?"

"Kennedy, you are so sweet."- "Yes I am...... I love you so much Mommy."

I could go on and on. :)

When ever she needs to go potty, I'm always the lucky one that gets chosen to go sit with her. I joke around about not wanting to, it's not the rosiest of smells :) , but to tell you the truth, we have the sweetest little talks while we sit there. For some reason she feels the need to whisper while we're in there and it's so precious. She brings so much joy to my life...her hugs, her voice, the little way she runs ("readyyy--setgo!"), her sweet giggle, the way she randomly belts out her favorite tune (off key), the way she likes to cuddle under the covers with me, the way she loves to help others, ohhh....I just love her sooo much! I can't even write this without crying. Thank you so much Lord for this precious girl! I hope I don't ever take this for granted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


davidcatherinewilson said...

so sweet. I just love this age :) glad you are feeling better

Vanessa said...

Ashley, your blogg is beautiful! Thanks so much for getting mine started.
Hey Kennedy,how r you doing? The boys and I miss you so much. We will be at me Me soon to see you. Have a great time at Ms. Amy's tomorrow and I will talk to you soon. Aunt Vanessa

Lance and Heather said...

hey ashley! such a sweet post about your daughter. she looks so much like you!! How are you feeling? I read your post about being in the hospital - I hope you are feeling better.