These Boots Were Made For Walking

These are the pink boots I got for Kennedy at Rhea Lana. It know it wasn't a necessity, but I could just see those little legs in them
(and those little thighs).
I had to share some pictures of her...
The first picture was taken on Sunday morning. Dasun was sitting at the kitchen table reading his bible and Kennedy went to go get another bible, so she could sit at the table and read her bible too. It was so cute...she imitated him to the tee.In this last picture, she was playing hide and seek with Dasun. He popped out to scare her and she took off with sheer delight.
I LOVE this picture, because it gives you a little glimpse into how much fun she is to be around.


davidcatherinewilson said...

cute boots! My boys love their boots. we wear them wiht the strangest outfits, but hey they like it.

Your story of her being afraid of the tutu was so funny. 2 year olds always keep you on your toes!