Tutu scary!

Well, I told you earlier about the tutu I made for Kennedy, so that she could wear it for our pictures in November. When I showed her the tutu, she ran away and said, "It's scawe momma! It's so scawe!" I have no idea why she is scared of it. It's hot pink and black, so I don't know if the black part looks like a spider to her or what. I just had to laugh. I put the tutu on the other day to show her it wasn't scary and she decided to dress me up in all of the jewelry her Nanna sent. It turned out to be such a fun day. We danced, sang, and had a ball! She's still scared to put it on, but maybe she'll like it by the time November comes. You never know with 2 year olds. :~)
I thought you'd enjoy seeing me all decked out. ha!


Mitzi said...

So funny!! We just took pictures with Macy in a pink & black petticoat skirt thing! So cute. Can't wait to see the ones of K! Oh, and I LOVE the boots!! Those little legs...that little jean skirt. :)

Brandy said...

this is awesome!!! I've never seen a lil girl afraid of a tutu...they're so funny.

Bonnie said...

Love dress up!!! The tutus and boots are so cute! What will she be for Halloween? A dancing cowgirl maybe??