Costume Fun

Well, this year we had two costumes. Dasun's family has never celebrated Halloween and mine did, so we've been trying to figure out how we were going to handle this holiday for a while. The more he researched it, the more he didn't want to do it. We decided not to celebrate Halloween, but we didn't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak, so he thought dressing up was okay as long as we didn't do the whole Halloween thing. I was so excited to dress K up this year. I bought her a little costume really early and then when the time came to put it on, it was too small. Isn't that the way it goes?...I was finally on top of things and this is what happened. ha! Oh well.. she was still a cute bee. : ) We had planned on just taking her to my parents and having a fun night with them on Wednesday, because they were going to help with Trunk or Treat Friday night, so we went ahead and put it on and we had a great time. They really wanted us to come to the trunk or treat so they could show her off, but I didn't think Dase would be okay with that (even thought it wasn't technically a Halloween thing).
--story continued below

Since she couldn't wear the hood comfortably, I made her hair into little antennae.
When we got to Mimi and Papa's, Mimi had a little suprise bag for Kennedy.
One of Mimi's suprises was a Mickey Mouse DVD. Ever since she saw Mickey Mouse at Mrs. Amy's house, she LOVES all the characters (especially Goofy), so this was a huge hit. I know she's standing on the couch, but I had to snap these picture before I told her to sit down.

This is Kennedy with her mouth full of chocolate, still fascinated by the movie. I know this is a random picture, but I just thought she looked beautiful...chocolate mouth and all, so I had to share it.

On Friday, he got home and said, "I was thinking we could run by." I totally wasn't expecting that, but knew K would have a blast so we went to put on her costume. She said she didn't want to be a bee, and I knew the out fit was probably not comfy since it was so tight, so I thought I'd try to get her to wear the "scawee tutu" that she runs from. When I put it on her, she said it was scary, but I just kept plugging along and she didn't seem to mind. She was very cute and had a great time jumping in the bouncy castle and eating candy.

I know this is sad, but this is the best picture I got of her costume. She was a moving target that night (as she is most of the time). ha!