A few funny things

The other day while she was going potty, she tooted. She looked at me with this suprised look and said, "Mommy, What's dat sound?". I couldn't help but giggle. I said, "That was you tooting." She said "Dat was me toodun...I'm sowee momma." I told her it was just something that happens sometimes and about that time it happened again and she asked me what it was again. ha! She cracks me up!

Kennedy stood up on her changing table (I was holding onto her for you protective mommas) she started swaying back and forth singing with all of her heart,
"Twinkle twinkle littleSTAR, how I wonder WHAT YO' NAME!"
I just busted out laughing. She keeps singing it that way. : )

Also, ever since Trunk or Treat, she's been referring to candy as "Kennedies". I guess we kept saying "Kennedy when we'd hand her the candy and then remind her to say thank you. We've tried to tell her that it's "candy", but she's not buying it.


Lydia and Scotty said...

Too Funny! She cracks me up(just like her momma).

The Rainers said...

I am still laughing from the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Her and Audrey need to start up their own band...HA!!