Special Christmas Memories

We had such a wonderful time with all of our family this Christmas. This year was very special with Kennedy, now that she's growing up.
There are several things I don't want to forget about this year:

*Putting up the Christmas decorations with Kennedy's help this year. She was so sure where each ornament should go and had such a blast. She even got to put the angel on top of the tree. :)

*Kennedy "making cookies" with my family. Seeing her little chunky fingers try to roll the dough and having such a hard time resisting it. :)

*Talking to Kennedy more about the true meaning of Christmas this year and seeing her begin to comprehend it all. She saw our new niece and said,
"Mommy! It's a baby...It's baby JESUS!"

She said this while I was trying to get on to her, so it was a little hard to not laugh. I definitely had to turn my head for a minute. ha!

*Her squeals of delight with everything she opened (big or small). I love how excited and thankful she is. She got just as excited for us to open our gifts. She was so fun!

*Dasun still loving to surprise me. : ) I am so thankful for a husband who loves me and delights in doing sweet things for me. He got me some new dishes I had talked about wanting without me even asking for them.

*Our Hillian family candlelight service. We started this tradition after a few crowded and stressful candle services at church when we were growing up. It's always blesses my heart to sit in a circle with my family and talk about what we're truly thankful for. There are always tears. I can't ever get through it with out weeping. We are so incredibly blessed!

*Watching Kennedy try to carry everything she got for Christmas all at once. She got a package of little rings, a little back pack, a microphone, a little horn, some candy, a baby, etc... She had it all on and looked like a bag lady.
(picture to come)

*Really enjoying watching Kennedy interact with her cousins...listening to them have little conversations, giving each other hugs, being so excited to see each other, and watching them play together. They are all growing up so fast.