The sweetest words

The 2's have had their ups and downs for me. I can do without the sassy, but oh how the rest of her has changed as well. I love being able to have conversations with her and I can tell she feels pretty special about it too. :) I love seeing the sheer delight come across her face when I understand her sentences and talk to her about what she has said. You know that's got to be such a relief after about a year of people saying, "What is she saying?" :).
Tonight was my favorite conversation so far...
I was sitting on the couch as she was eating her snack. She climbed up in my lap to cuddle (which always blesses my heart) and leaned her head back on my chest. I was making conversation with her and kissing her forehead, when all of a sudden she said,
"You're my berry best fwiend."
What a treasure to hear those words. I know she may not understand fully what that means, but mommas need to hear sweet words and I loved hers. Lord thank you so much for Kennedy and this precious baby on the way. I truly can't believe how good You are. You've already blessed me beyond my imagination, yet Your goodness continues.


davidcatherinewilson said...

That is so sweet. Zander said that to me the other day and i was psyched because i know a time soon will be coming when he goes to school and i am no longer the coolest person :) p.s. grainger is sassy too, who knew it came before 14?

Taylor Family said...
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Taylor Family said...

I didn't know you had a blog. I'm so glad that I found it. I love being able to see the wonderful things going on in your life. Congratulations by the way. I love this little story you wrote about the conversation you and Kennedy had. It is so sweet. It's all worth the hard times when you have moments like these. Cherish every one of them. Before you know it she'll be five!!!!
Love ya and miss ya. Let's try to get together next time I'm in town. That will probably be in April.