FULL weekend!

Wow! Some weekends go by and you don't really get much accomplished, but this weekend has been a WHIRLWIND of accomplishments! Dasun and Kennedy were gone on Saturday and since it rained, our garage sale was canceled, so I was able to get a lot done! That and staying up past 3 every night. ha! I can sit here and look at my crossed of lists by myself, but I thought a weekend like this deserves a little online braggin'. ha! I still have a ton left to do, but crossing a bunch of things off always feels so good!

A few things on my to do list:

  • Get a picnic table (since ours broke)
  • Paint the picnic table (painted it at night...still have paint in my hair)
  • clean the house (dust vacuum, bathrooms, kitchen, etc...)
  • Get my hair did (Thanks Amy!!!)
  • Wash the car
  • do all the laundry (it had piled up)
  • Organize stuff for the garage sale (mostly done...a LOT of stuff)
  • Get K's Easter stuff ready (basket, candy, dress, etc...)
  • Paint 7 canvases for people in 2 days (It's feast or famine I tell ya'...feast or famine. ha!)
  • Clean out the VERY FULL guest room to make way for baby.
  • Get Kennedy's big girl bed from Conway (Dasun's parents gave us one for free!)
  • Run a bazillion errands
  • Do a little sanding for an art project
  • Find an armoire/wardrobe for K's clothes for under $125 (woo hoo!!! It is an antique, has little spots to hang clothes on both sides, drawers in the middle and a little mirrored cabinet up top. It needs a little work, but it's really cute and a GREAT deal! It was listed for higher and I got them to come down. That makes me like it even more!)
  • Return my dad's truck (He was so sweet to let us borrow it and we did everything we needed a truck for in 2 days. Dasun even got stuff to make garden boxes in our backyard.).
  • Deliver paintings
Can I also take a minute to brag on my sweet husband who has been super patient with my crazy type A mindset this weekend. When I get on a roll, its hard to stop me and he has stuck with me every inch. He even jumped on the bandwagon and got a bunch accomplished too. He's so good to me. In sickness and health right?...ha! I am very thankful, but I figure I better simmer down quickly before I stress him out too. :)


melia said...

Holy Cow! I have to take a nap after just reading that list!

Lydia said...

I would say you are just "nesting," but I know that is just you 100% of the time. :)
I've been missin' you. I think we need some B&N time. Lets add that to our "to do" list. :)
Love ya'

Jenny said...

Send some of that energy my way! :) The last month before Cameron was born was like that for me. So, I would say you are nesting at least a little bit, but I agree... you are capable of accomplishing a whole lot without pregnancy hormones to help you out! :) The armoire sounds so cute. I would tell you to post some pictures, but that would just add one more thing to your list!

sara said...

I wish I had half your energy and you're pregnant!! I do not know how you stay up so late and still function! Okay, I want to see pictures of all these projects. What color did you paint the table?