Well, I have Kennedy's big girl room ready and the baby's room is mostly ready too, thanks to a blessing of a find on craigslist, but...no name yet. I am really struggling with a name this time around. I think we may wait and make it a surprise once we do think of one (or at least narrow it down), but we aren't even close to thinking of one. The middle name we want starts with a "c" sound, so I am not leaning towards names that start with K or C, but I am open to anything. If you have any ideas....PLEASE send them my way. :) You can e-mail them to me too ashley.keylor@gmail.com

As for requests for pictures of the girl's rooms and my fun finds...I am going to try to post them very soon!


Heidi said...

You are welcome to my top girl picks since we're done with babies after our two BOYS! :-)

Gabrielle or Gabriella (Gabby)

Jenny said...

Keeping the name a secret is the way to go! I'm sure you'll pick the perfect name. I can't wait to see pics of the rooms! :)

Kristin said...

Thanks for the chance to look up baby names:) Here are some of my top pics:
Isabelle- means devoted to God
I wiill send more(smile)!

Chris and Carrie said...

Carrie and Chris are both nice names...

The Rainers said...

I was actually thinking Anna, I think that would sound pretty with the middle name and it flows. I am not sure what it means biblicaly??? Hmmmm I will try to think of more....ohhh what about Olivia? Does Kennedy have any suggestions :-)!