Kennedy's Prayer

Kennedy has started praying a lot more on her own and asking us to pray with her throughout the day. She normally just prays for our food at dinner and seems a little shy about doing it other times. I think it's because she wasn't really sure what to say. Even though she's heard us, some of the things we pray for are a little over her head and may be hard for her to understand. We have been telling her that she can pray and talk to God about anything and we can tell Him thank you for everything (not just food). It really blesses my heart to see her pray and hear sweet prayers. I thought I'd share her little prayer today...
(picture a little bit of a southern draw as you read) :)

"Fadda God, thank you for my mommy... and my daddy... and our baby...and our food and our house... and our friends... and our hots (hearts). AAAmen"


Kelley and Melissa said...

so precious! I can't wait to hear baby Mia talk to God. I know it will be music to our ears. Is that a real picture of sweet Kennedy's little hands?

Mitzi said...

She is going to be a little prayer warrior like her momma!!