A little braggin' on my girl :)

So...because I am a teacher, I think I try really hard not to push "school" at Kennedy. I just feel that kids are so curious and if they have enough fun experiences and are talked to enough they just soak it up. Sometimes I feel like I should do more, but she has been making me feel a lot more sure of what we've been doing. She has been so crazy about "reading" books lately and is really starting to pay more attention to what I'm pointing to as I read to her, as well as what the story is about. She wants me to read it and then she carries around her little book she picked out that morning and "reads" it to me, Maxey (our dog), herself, her stuffed animals, and daddy when he gets home. We have a letter/sound movie that she loves and we watch a few cartoons on AETN (like Word World), but other than that, it's just been in regular conversation and life...answering all of her questions (lots of them), pointing things out when we notice them, singing a song, counting the stairs we go up...nothing big. She's so curious and inquisitive, that she really does it all.

All that to say that she shocked me today. She saw me painting these letters for a friend

and said, "Is that a C-A- L...Are dos and E and a B?" I went, "YES! how did you know that?" I knew she was interested and knew a few, but not like that! Then a question came on the cartoon...What letters did we find today [U S I]? and she got those right too! I know there are some children out there who are rocket scientists by the age of 3, but I was pretty darn proud of her. It's definitely not me who gets the credit. ha! Her brain is much more efficient than mine. It's a little scary how little mine works these days. ha! She also knows her colors (as well as which ones are our favorites), her shapes, has a great imagination, counts objects up to 20 (another thing she loves to do...count things), picks up her toys when I ask her to, puts away her dirty clothes, helps me in the kitchen, tries to clean up her own messes (without any prompting- which I know is a little OCD, but I think it's pretty cute), loves to sing and memorizes words to all her favorite songs (sometimes getting the words wrong--also like her mother. ha!), and is getting sweeter by the minute.
She is so fun to be around, has such a sweet heart, and is smart to boot...such a doll. I have been so blessed by her sweet little words to me and to the baby. I love seeing her chubby little hand feel my belly as she says,
"Come on sweet baby, move."
"I'm Kennedy. I'm gonna be your big sister."
"The baby's so sweet! She's gonna be so sweet!"
I get a little freaked out every now and then about all of the changes coming my way, but I am truly excited to see these 2 girls together. I can't wait to see Kennedy's sweet little heart in action. She is more grown up every day..helping me, wanting to do things "all herself", growing in understanding of so many things. Children baffle me at how quickly they learn. I can see her wheels constantly turning. God is so creative and amazing in his creation!

Thanks for letting me brag a little on K. : ) Feel free to brag on your kiddos to me...I'll love it!


Debra said...

Kennedy is going to be SUCH a great helper for you and a sweet big sister! (But we all know where she got that...)

Heidi said...

that's worth braggin' on sista! ;) I'm always amazed at how much they can absorb and remember - wowza! Here's a great game website that encourages reading for little kiddos like ours that my good friend emily o. recently recommended. Check it out! I let Owen play around with it often during eli's morning nap:


Mandy said...

thanks for the encouragement Ashley! and i love that you are bragging on Kennedy! it amazing to watch them learn--i started a memory game w/ EG and i'm amazed at how she is able to match them up!
kids are so fun :)

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Somehow I missed this post until today! I'm so glad I got to read it. You are such a great momma! We do the same kind of "teaching" with Braden. I have an old ABC chart up in the play area and all kinds of "learning" toys, but we just go with the flow and talk about things in their natural context (counting how many cookies you ate and how many are left, etc.). Today (Sunday), he was talking to his grammie about when she was coming to visit (this Friday), and he said, "Sunday... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... that's in 5 days!" We've already started with Cameron... counting the snaps in his onesies at every diaper change! ;)