Arguing advice?

Being that Kennedy is 3 now, I hear a lot of the same things from day to day. Some things that I find adorable and some things...not so much. ha!

Favorite things:
-"is that a good idea?" when Kennedy wants something she says what she wants me to do and then adds that at the end. The way she says it is so cute. (ex. Can you get me a snack? You can get up and go get me a snack in a little bit...is that a good idea?)
-"or something" I asked her if she wanted some meat and cheese for lunch (that's what she calls it) and she added, "some meat and cheese and some juicy pickles or something?" Letting me know that she also wanted pickles with it. I just think it's funny that she does this instead of just asking for pickles too. Instead she suggests the idea.
-"just a little bit" This one gets added onto almost everything. Mommy can you come here just a little bit?, Can I have some snack just a little bit?, etc...

Not so favorite things:
arguing, repeating, pleading (DESPITE me sticking to my guns).
Here's and example of her side of the conversation (just one conversation):
"Can I ____...please can I _____...but I really like to______...but I love it so much mommy...can I please_______...but why mommy? I really love it...It's so special to me...can I ____,it's my favorite..."
Can you believe the creativity and stamina in this girl?...determination is definitely a strong suit of hers. Even in small discussions, she just doesn't take you at your answer. She's so stubborn.
I continue to tell her no, I listen to her and let her know I understand that it's hard to hear no, explain why it's no and remind her not to argue and she just keeps going. It's super frustrating. I am already not giving in, but if you have any other tips for this lovely habit, I'd love to hear them.


Jenny said...

Hey Ashley, I don't have any tips for the arguing (Braden acts like that sometimes too, and it sounds like you're doing everything "right"), but wanted to let you know I was thinking about you! It will eventually get better (I hope)! :)

Mandy said...

so cute...the "it's so special to me" is a good one! smart girl!