Family pictures

Well, I am officially 34 weeks along (8 1/2 months) and cannot believe I could be having this baby in a month. I am getting so excited. With every kick and hiccup, I get more ready to meet her. We have a few names that we really like, but are going to wait to decide until we see her. Sorry to those of you who hate waiting...I have already gotten a lot of slack from some people. : ) I hate waiting too, but I think this will be fun. I'm pretty type A, so I feel like a rebel. ha!

We had a friend of ours take some pictures for us when we were at her house (THANK YOU CASEY!). We have been friends with them for a very long time and she's gotten really good at taking pictures. I didn't have any pictures taken while I was pregnant with Kennedy, so I thought it would be neat to do it this time around. Once again, K didn't really want to cooperate. She's such a hoot, unless someone's telling her to, and then she gets all shy and whiny about it...very frustrating. Thanks to the antics of Casey's little girl (K's best friend) and Casey's patience, we got some great pictures.

Here are some of my favorites:


Brad and Deania said...

Very cute!! Pics came out great! :) We'll be seeing ya in a little over a week!

sara said...

These pictures are great!!!

I can't believe how tiny you look at 8 mos pregnant!

Mitzi said...

Beautiful little mama! Beautiful family! Can't wait to meet this baby girl! Love you!

Bishop Family said...

You have a beautiful family! You are an adorable pregnant mommy! I can't wait to meet this new baby and find out what her name is! Hope you are feeling well.


The Rainers said...

We had fun to!!! Next time you get to take our pictures..HA!!