Our 9 Year Anniversary

We had such a great time on our anniversary! We celebrated 9 years this year! We got to go out to a nice dinner at Bordinos (there bread pudding was delicious!) and also got to go to a really neat place called Stonewind Retreat. We stayed in these cabins called Yurts. They were so beautiful and even had a hot tub on the deck. There were deer everywhere and the scenery was gorgeous! I love being outdoors. My mom and dad watched Kennedy for us and we got to just relax, talk about old times, and enjoy our time together. It was supposed to rain the entire time, but it didn't start raining until 30 minutes after we checked out (Thank you Lord for beautiful weather!). God is so good. : )


Allison Nelson said...

Where is this place? It looks awesome!

Ashley said...

I was about to write exactly what the person above me wrote. I would love to know where this is!

Lydia said...

Happy Anniversary you two!
Love you guys!