37 weeks

Sorry for all the posts, I am slowly trying to catch up.
This is me at 37 weeks. Definitely feeling large and in charge. ha! My sister in law Jenny wanted to get a picture of me sitting in the grass, but after she finished she just turned to go back inside like she normally would and I didn't have anything to pull up on to get up. I just laid in the grass cracking up. ha!!! *PS* you can also see a pair of the new earrings my sister in laws got me...very big & very fun! You gotta love earrings- they fit no matter what. : )


Lydia said...

I'm ready to meet this new baby already... Hurry up baby girl Keylor, Marion Clare needs a new friend. :)
We Love you!

Heidi said...

you are just adorable!

Bishop Family said...

37 weeks! You are beautiful! I can't wait to meet HER! I also can't wait to call HER by name! Hang in there!