another update...ha!

Well, I guess we may have this baby by next month at the rate we are going...1 cm per week. ha!
36 weeks: 4 cm
37 weeks: 4 cm
38 weeks: 6 cm
39 weeks: I am now at 8 cm and still waiting. : ) I'm getting nervous to walk around anywhere!!!
It may go fast once she does decide to come, but if we take into account how long it is taking to go from 1-10, it's another story. ha! I am only at 39 weeks, so I really shouldn't be surprised, but when I knew I was at a 4 in the beginning of July, I just really thought she'd be here by now. I even ordered a birthstone charm for July, to go with Kennedy's. She may still make it...we'll see. : ) My nesting is in full swing as well. Those of you that know me, know that I am already really type A, so now I am on hyper drive. ha! My husband keeps saying, "Are you still cleaning?" ha! We have also had our bags packed for 3 solid weeks and I am ready to get those bags off the floor. My patience always needs work, especially when I am excited about something, but I sure don't like it. ha! I am so ready to meet this sweet girl!


B said...

Can't Wait!!! surely it won't be much longer!!!!!

righteousnessbyfaith said...

be encouraged- your body is doing exactly what it was made to do and it is doing it WELL! That's awesome that you are a 6 and just living life as usual. She'll be here soon-your due date is now only right around the corner! :)
Can't wait to get that phone call!

Shankle Life said...

Hang in there! She'll be here so soon!!!! I always tease my boys that they owe me "rent" for the extra days they decided to stay past their due date!!! Praying that your delivery and recovery is smooth and easy! Can't wait for pictures!!!

Jenny said...

I think she must be defying gravity at this point! Maybe you should start camping out in the hospital parking lot! Seriously, though... isn't it amazing that the Lord already knows the day, the hour, and the minute of her birth? It will all go perfectly according to His plan.

Ashley said...

We're thinking about you daily. I'd love to know when you go into labor so I can pray for you during it.

Stacy's comment cracked me up! My kids went 13, 8, and 3 days past their due dates (respectively). Titus was the one that was 13 days past his! :)