Vanessa's Visit

We had such a great time with my sister and her boys while they were down. I am listing a bunch of pictures from their visit.

*Star Wars Battles*
My husband was having way too much fun with this. HA! You have got to click on it and look at his facial expression. HA!

4th of July!!!

I love this picture!!! Everyone is looking and smiling...miracles do happen!

Luke and Kennedy in their patriotic swimsuits. We normally don't do bikinis for K, but my friend Casey passed this on to us and I couldn't resist trying it on the 4th...too cute : )

Kennedy cracks us up! She is so fearless (a little too fearless sometimes). She was jumping off the back by herself, but after jumping with Dase, she was on repeat from them on. They had a blast.

My mom, Vanessa, and I even got to have a day to ourselves! We went to lunch, had pedicures, and went to our favorite flea market! It was such a fun day!!!


Bishop Family said...

Such fun!

Jenny said...

Where's your favorite flea market?

The Rainers said...

Looks like a lot of fun! K looks so cute in the swim suite!! We are so ready to get back and catch up with everyone!!!