My Girls (& more pictures)

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for my little girl's heart. She is so kind, loving, and giving. Every day she does something that touches my heart and makes me thank the Lord for her. She squeals with delight at the very sight of her sister, thanks the Lord for her sister in her prayers, has to kiss her all the time, asks if she can share her things with her little sister, and has been so flexible and goodhearted through all the adjustments. We just need to work on being gentle and we'll be doing good. ha!
A few funny stories:
-She told me I looked "SO CUTE" in my hospital gown and that her little sister was going to love my new outfit. ha! ...gotta love her for that...those things are less than flattering. : )
-Dasun got onto me for trying to vacuum the day after we got home and Kennedy said, with a very concerned look on her face, "But Daddy, Mommy loves to vacuum." : )
-When my mom was here helping, she was getting Kennedy dressed and Kennedy patted her on the bottom and said, "I love that sweet little hiney", in a momma voice, just like I tell her. I got so tickled. ha!
-We heard Kennedy belting out a tune and when we turned around, we saw Kennedy singing into my breast pump with all of her heart. HA!! To funny!
-She also kept talking about needing her "cutar" and we finally figured out that she was wanting her guitar---a.k.a. my boppy. We had the best time listening to Kennedy and Dasun rock out with their guitars. I was cracking up!

KK helping with bathtime

Already this little girl has stolen our hearts. She's so sweet. She is a good sleeper for the most part, makes the most adorable faces, and is down right fiery when she's hungry (just like her momma). I could just sit and stare at her long dainty fingers, her pouty little lips, and her little legs all day. I am always amazed that God can create an entire person in such a tiny package. We took her to her 1st doctors appointment on Friday and she is doing really well. While we were there she was laying on my chest and all of a sudden, she propped her self up on her elbows lifted her head and started looking around. I could believe she was already holding her head up. It was so cute! We are just so thankful to have 2 beautiful healthy girls. I was talking to my mom about how overwhelmed I am when I think about the Lord's blessings and I just started crying. We are so undeserving of anything good, yet here we sit...so blessed.

Kennedy shared her bear with Adelynn


righteousnessbyfaith said...

oh my goodness- the kennedy stories are the cutest!!!!
You have two precious little girls- Adelynn is absolutely beautiful! And her mommy is looking quite beautiful as well! ;)
love you!! I can't wait to meet her in person! Give both the girls big hugs and kisses from their aunt Jen please!

Mitzi said...

Love the updates! PRECIOUS!!! Love all the stories! And yes, you are right... you are BLESSED. Your baby girls are beyond beautiful and you are an AMAZING mommy!! I'm so proud to be your friend.

Taylor Family said...

Thanks for sharing your funny stories. A smile was brought to my face. =)

melia said...

Yes, you are very blessed! Those are two special girls! Congratulaitons!

Chris and Carrie said...

Ashley! Those girls are so sweet! I can't wait to see you all. I love that Kennedy said that to your mom, ha!

sara said...

Love, love, love all the pictures!!
The story about Kennedy patting your mom's bottom just made my morning! :)

Jenny said...

Little Adelynn looks so precious! That is so sweet that Kennedy already loves her little sister so much. Braden is (was) the same way! All your Kennedy stories were so funny! I especially loved the vacuum and the breastpump. She is a hoot!

Lydia said...

Precious pics...
K cracks me up. :)
Love you!

Kirsten said...

Oh my she is such a doll! I am so excited for your family. These first weeks are very special, especially has Kennedy adapts to being the big sis!

The Rainers said...

Ok, Love the pics and the guitar picture is precious!! You have 2 precious little girls!!