Adelynn's Sip & See

Bee, Mary Beth, Baby Adelynn, Tish, My sweet mom, Kennedy, & I

My mom's sweet friends had a Sip & See for Adelynn. It was so wonderful to see so many good friends after basically being in hibernation for the 3 weeks before. ha! I become such a home body right after having a baby. Adelynn got so many wonderful gifts and so did Kennedy. Kennedy was cracking me up. One of my good friends (Mrs. Amy) got Kennedy some dress up stuff and when she noticed that she was surrounded by spectators, she went into performance mode. ha! She was singing her heart out (off key) and dancing around...what a mess...a wonderful mess. ha!
I am so thankful to have so many precious friends in my life. I love you all very much!!!

Heather (aka Sharpie) and I

The Grisham Gang (Betsy Heckman, Ashley Grisham, & Casey Rainer)

The food was delicious and the diaper cake was too cute!

My best friend Laura and my sweet friend Mrs Bohannan (Sorry...I still have to call you that).

My beautiful Momma. How cute is she?! : )