Bath Time Fun!

Adelynn's 1st real bath...not a big fan. ha!
Playing with these super cool bathtime stickers that Mrs. Shelby got Kennedy. She loves them!
Had to take a picture of how long her hair is when it's wet...crazy! It normally looks about shoulder length when it's down.
I got Kennedy some bath crayons the week we brought Adelynn home, to give us a little something extra special to do together and we've had the best time with them.

Kennedy and Adelynn's 1st bath together. Kennedy had been asking if she could take a bath with Adelynn. She is so crazy about her little sister. Adelynn is lucky to have such a sweet big sister!
Bath time beards...always fun. ha!


The Gardella's said...

I am new to your blog. Congrats on the birth of your new baby girl. Both of your girls are soo precious and adorable.