My friend Sara and I love good bargains! We went to some garage sales on Saturday and had the best time. We also met a lady that took her garage sales very seriously. She was stalking other sales and even yelled at a lady that was walking away. ha! We couldn't believe it!

At the next garage sale, I found these folding chairs, which I think are an adorable shape, for $4!!! They had mildew on them and needed some work, but I knew I could make them really cute with not a ton of work.
A little cleaning, patching, taping off, priming, and spray paint later...wala!!!
Here's Kennedy excited that she finally gets to sit in the chairs. : )
I also found a beautiful painting for $2 and some other fun deals! Dasun was excited that I brought home "more stuff" to find a place for (sense the sarcasm ha!).


Jenny said...

Wow! I'm impressed! :)

sara said...

OH Man! Those chairs look awesome! Go Ashley!!

righteousnessbyfaith said...

LOVE, LOVE the chairs! I think they would be a great christmas gift for a wonderful sister in law of yours! ;) HA!