Fun Run

Kennedy ran in the New School fun run this year. It was so cute! They have ages from 2 on up, run a short little race. Kennedy got 2nd place in her group and even got a trophy! She loves her trophy. They also had face painting and gave out water bottles with their names written on them. They went all out and Kennedy had a great time! Mimi and Papa (my mom and dad) surprised us and came. Mimi even got to run with Kennedy in her race. It was so good to see them. There aren't many pictures of Dasun, because he was manning the microphone and in charge of the races. He also won the tricycle race that the male New school teachers competed in at the beginning of the day...That's my man!!! ha!
Adelynn did so well. We were there for a long time and she didn't cry once. She just sat up and looked around. By the time I made it to the car to leave, she was out. : )