Mom Update (11/09)

My mom is having a really rough time right now. Up until this point she has been able to have at least a few good days in between treatments, but she just finished the 3rd round 2 1/2 weeks ago and is still struggling (physically and mentally). It actually hit her during the treatment and hasn't let up since. Apparently the 3rd round is the hardest, because of something called the accumulative effect (according to my sweet friend Kim). If I understood correctly, she is basically feeling the effects of 3 chemos in one. She has also developed Taxotere syndrome which basically makes her hands blister, swell, tear, and feel like they have been mashed with a hammer (extreme throbbing pain). She also has 101 fever from it. The frustrating thing is that it's caused by her medicine and there's nothing they can do about it. They did give her some medicine for pain, but she can only take it every 3 hours and it only lasts 2, so she wakes up all through the night and has to sit in pain for an hour until she can take the next dose. The doctor also told her that it will probably spread to her feet as well and will probably cause her to loose her nails. It's so frustrating and so hard to see her in so much pain. I am going to go see her tonight without K (b/c she can't play with her right now). I know it's killing her to not be able to see and play with Kennedy. She hasn't been asking for Kennedy to come over in the past 2 weeks, which is extremely unusual...pretty good indicator of how she's been feeling.

She is scheduled for another treatment on my dad's birthday (18th), but we are not sure if she can handle another one yet. I think it's beginning to hit her that Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be very different this year and that this pain and exhaustion are not going away any time soon. The length of it all is one of the hardest things to bear when someone is in extreme pain...seemingly never ending. I just hurt so badly for her. Please pray for pain relief, that she would begin to recover from her last chemo, and that she would be patient with herself during this process (to be able to cut her self some slack and not feel the need to continue being superwoman). Thank you all for checking on her and loving her.


writing4612 said...

I know how hard pain can be. When she's at her lowest point God is there. He didn't say our road in life would be easy but He promised His grace would be sufficient.

Thinking of her and your family.

Kirsten said...

I am so sorry you have to watch you mom be in so much pain and distress. I will continue to pray God's provision, healing, protection and will for you all through this. There are no words that can soothe, but from the comfort of the Holy Spirit

The Walkers said...

Ashley, I had no idea about all of this. I saw your blog on Kim Crumby's page. I'm sorry your sweet Mom is in so much pain. Please tell her and Vanessa that I'm praying for your family.

Sara Stracener Walker

The Rainers said...

"In your hand is power and might; In your hand it is to make great And to give strength to all."
1Chronicles 29:12
I Love You!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

we're praying, it's tough to watch people go through this.

sara said...

We are praying Ashley! I'm so sorry. I just can't imagine. It's not in our nature to sit by and watch our loved ones hurt. :(

We will be on our knees interceding for your sweet mom.

Ashley said...

Oh, Ashley, I am so sorry. I really can't add anything to the wise words other have written. Just know that I am praying.