A few of my favorite things

cuddling with my girls
watching my girls be brave, fun, and not too girly.

Sweet smiles and laughter...ohhh how they make my day!

Pure silliness: Dasun and Kennedy singing eye of the tiger with belts on their heads and making tough faces (although Dasun's looks more like a grossed out kiss face ha!). LOVE it!
Making memories (Movie night -Adelynn and I were in there too)
I feel so blessed and though there are days when the busyness takes over, I want to try to savor every moment of our time together.... tickling, playing super heroes, baking, dancing in the living room, being ballerinas, kissing sweet baby feet, making Adelynn giggle, looking into Kennedy's eyes and listening to her wonderfully creative stories, watching Kennedy entertain Adelynn and smother her with love, painting, watching Dasun with the girls, listening to prayers, hearing Kennedy's many questions, seeing their little bodies in 'jamas, watching Kennedy "read" to Adelynn (repeating what I have said word for word), ...........it's all precious. I love every bit of it and I don't want to take a single bit for granted.


melia said...

great post, Ashley! Beautiful pictures of your sweet family. I am so happy for you. Love, Melia

sara said...

1. you are such a good, sweet mama.
2. your girl's are beautiful
3. you are not taking it for granted...that's so so good.
4. dasun is hilarious

The Rainers said...

So sweet!!!!