My mom (test results)

My mom had her surgery (double mastectomy -one radical and one simple) and is healing well. They thought they had gotten everything because they removed even more lymph nodes than planned (9 to be exact). However, when they go the test results back, 5 of the 9 were cancerous. Lymph nodes are basically the objects that aid cancer in spreading, so this news means that they didn't get it all because it probably spread. I was heart broken to say the least and very fearful because I knew my mom was really tired and didn't want to do anything else. The Lord opened my eyes to the fact that satan was using my fears to mess with me...playing the "what if" movie over and over again in my head. I just sat in my car repeating, "Nothing has even happened yet, My God is powerful and can do more than I ask or imagine, nothing is over yet," and God brought such a peace over me. He has been so evident through all of this.

I have been praying that the Lord would give her the will and the strength to go through more treatment, even though she's so tired. I dread it for her, but I also dread the effects of no treatment.

She met with her doctor today and they are wanting to do radiation and more chemo (but tweaked a little since the doctor said she couldn't handle anymore taxotere) and....big praise...she has agreed to go through with it. She said she is going to finish out this process, which is a huge blessing, but she is definitely disappointed. She has had a wonderful attitude about everything and has praised the Lord for His goodness throughout this process, but she is definitely worn out and ready to be done. Thank you so much for your prayers for her. Please continue to pray that this will knock out the cancer without causing anymore excruciating pain or permanent damage and that she wouldn't be so discouraged.


Tadd and Elizabeth said...

I am continuing to pray for your Mom. It can be hard to go through so much and have treatment be continued. God will give her the strength that she needs and you. I am here if you ever need to talk. I love the Christmas pictures, it is so fun to dress girls alike. They are precious! Elizabeth

Alisha said...

Hey Ashley.. just wanted to check in to see how your mom's doing these days... has she started treatments yet? Praying for you guys...