Snow, Snow, & More Snow!!!

We have had more snow this year than ever! I have always said that if it's going to be cold, I hope it's at least snowing. Well, this year I got my wish. We have had plenty of time make snowmen, eat snow ice cream, and go sledding. I am both thankful for all the fun and ready for the cold to be gone.

On the first snow, we got to go sledding with our community group...redneck style. None of us had sleds, so we used cardboard boxes, cookie sheets, and Rubbermaid tubs. It was pretty funny, but we had a lot of fun!

The next time, we got a little $7 sled from wal-mart and set out to find a fun hill to sled. We found the perfect steep hill and had a blast. Kennedy even tried to go down the hill (part way) by herself. Dasun did his usually dare devil tricks (or tried) and we all played until we were sore and frozen. Fun times! I must have eaten 3 LARGE bowls full of snow ice cream and loved every minute if it. It's probably my favorite snow tradition. : )

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April said...

Is your hair actually down in the snow pictures???? I've only seen it like that one time!

The Keylors said...

ha! Yes it is April. I did wear it all the way down a few weeks ago for Sara Neufeld. : )