Sweet Heart

When I sit here and think about how blessed we are with friends, family, and our 2 healthy girls, I just can't contain the emotions. My heart is broken for so many of my friends who have gone through heart wrenching situations this year. I have sobbed alongside them for their loss & can't imagine the pain. We have definitely learned to make sure that we have truly grateful hearts and that we are being intentional about the time we do have. Jenifer, Bonnie, Kimberly, Randall, and Ashley- Thank you for being so open about your pain and using the worst of situations to bring glory to God and strengthen others. You are my heroes. Truly.

For Valentines, this year, we got to dedicate Adelynn at our church. It was such a special day because my mom, my dad, and my grandma got to come be with us. I got to introduce my parents to a lot of our sweet friends and our church service was awesome. Then we got to have a homemade lunch (cooked by my mom -YUM!) and just spend some time together.

Adelynn is such a sweet spirited little thing. She has so many different smiles and I can't even begin to capture them with a camera. All I can do is try. : ) Kennedy gets some great smiles out of her. She's such an awesome big sister. It's so fun to watch my girls play with each other.

I tried to take this one for her baby dedication picture and I thought I'd share this sweet smile with you.
Oh Adelynn, you have brought so much joy into my life. When you were first born, I almost questioned the timing of my mother's cancer because I knew I wouldn't have much time to dedicate to taking care of her with a newborn (not that there's ever a good time).
God is sovereign.
He truly knew best.
You have been the most beautiful distraction from a painful year.
You reminded me of the Lord's goodness in a year that it would have been easy to question it.
You continue to remind me of His provision and bring smiles back to my face.

I love you so much sweet girl...so much : )

Lord thank you...thank you for Your goodness and mercy. Thank you for providing for us and continuing to teach us. Thank you for Your patience with us- especially with me. Thank you that we can come to you at all times and be real with you about our pain, anger, sadness, struggles, and everything in between. Thank you for holding up my friends and giving them some rest and hope during a time when they would otherwise be without any. I pray that you would continue to do so. Please continue to heal their pain and draw them closer to You Father God. You know loss, betrayal, pain..you know it all too well. Please hold them Father. Be their everything. I love you so much and pray this in Your precious name. Amen

(I caught up on a SNOW post, but you'll have to scroll down to after the ordinary day video to see it. I was trying to keep in in some kind of order.)


The Morgans said...

OMG!!!!!!! How adorable!!!! I love all the big bows!!! They look soo cute on their little heads!!! =)

April said...

Oh my goodness Ashley - that baby dedication picture is absolutely beautiful!!!
Love the sweet prayer at the end.

sara said...

That picture of Adelynn is amazing!! She is so so beautiful!

Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures and words! :) You are such a good, sweet friend to so many... and a wonderful momma, too!

writing4612 said...

She is gorgeous!