Boon Spoon Review : )

Got this new Boon spoon at Target and I thought I would post a little review.
The reason I got it was because when I started feeding Kennedy, she would get so frustrated at having to wait for the next bite. When I found this, I thought this might come in handy with Adelynn. I kind of forgot about it and then I remembered it when I was going to have to bring food with us to a restaurant this weekend.
It worked GREAT!
I filled it with food, put it in a baggy, and threw it in my purse. It came with a cap, but I didn't want any surprises if it decided to leak in my purse. Well folks, it didn't let me down. Not only did it not leak at all, but the food came out beautifully(even with a little cereal mixed in), and it was so easy! Adelynn is always trying to grab the spoon when I bring it to her mouth, so this helped with that too! She loved it!
I also love their frog bath caddy and about a zillion other products they make. They definitely like to think outside the box and you gotta love that.


sara said...

wow, that's so cool. I saw that when i was feeding Sawyer babyfood but i just thought, surely that doesn't really work. I guess I was wrong! yay for you. :)

The Morgans said...

We received one as a baby shower gift! I haven't tried it out yet, cause I was just sure it wouldn't really work! Glad to hear it does! I'm going to have to test ours out too!!!