Oh The Entertainment of Kennedy : )

My daughter stinking cracks me up! She is so entertaining! Today I went to Rhea Lana which is a huge consignment sale (and got some GREAT deals by the way! Woo Woo!). While I was there, I found this plastic little tykes rocking horse that I thought could be an inside or outside toy.

I bought it for Adelynn to use eventually, but I knew K would like to play on it too. What an understatement! It has already been well worth the money spent.
This child came in the house and didn't stop rocking until bed time.
She was yelling "WOO HOO...YEAH DUDE...GIDDY UP!"
Then I heard her yell, "Yoo Hoo Mad Horsey...RIGHHT ONN!"---Where she got that I have NO clue, but it cracked. me. up.
She gave him a name, hugged & kissed him good night, and even asked if it could sleep in her room with her. She was so excited when we said yes.

One more story, then I'll stop...
My mom played with Kennedy while I was shopping at Rhea Lana and They made some chocolate cream pies. She made Kennedy a little pie to take home. While we were on our way home Dasun and I tried to talk her into sharing it with us when we got home, we were jokingly laying the guilt on pretty thick and she finally said, " Ohhhhhhh, O-kay. " The way she said it was so funny. We said,"thank you for sharing Kennedy, that's so sweet"
and then she added, "but not the part that has the chocolate."
We both laughed out loud. ha! It was too funny.
uhhhh...we may need to work on the concept of sharing a bit more. ha!
--sure, I'll share as long as you take the part I don't want---not so good. : )
The funny thing is that she's actually a great sharer. She shares all of her toys with Adelynn (and with all of us). Sometimes she wants to share her treats so badly that she won't take "no thank you" for an answer and tries to shove the treat in our mouths while she tells us how yummy it is. : )

What a hoot! There is definitely no shortage of energy or personality where Kennedy is concerned. Sometimes she wears me out, but most of the time she keeps me grinning & laughing. Oh how I love that crazy girl :)


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Kids have a wonderful sense of humor don't they?

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