Just a quick note to say how much I LOVE watching my girls play together. They are really starting to interact with each other and it is such a blessing to watch. Kennedy truly delights in Adelynn and the feeling is totally mutual. Kennedy just has to sit by her and she gets a grin.

If Adelynn cries, Kennedy rushes over to take care of her--
"It's okay Adelynn, you're alright..."
(in a high pitched voice).
She wants me to sit Adelynn next to her all the time "So [she] can look at her"
She tells everyone that Adelynn is... "such a little cutie" "a sweet heart" "so cute"

It just blesses my heart to see them love each other, play together, and laugh together. I prayed for this and He has truly given me the desires of my heart. Thank you Lord. : )


Joycee said...

Kennedy and Adelynn are precious! They look like you so much Ashley!