Birthday Banner How To

1. Get some fun scrapbook paper ( I used 5 different patterns, but they were scraps, so I could have probably done it with 4).
2. Cut out a triangle out of cardstock to use as a template. It doesn't matter what size. You can do whatever you want as long as you turn them all the same direction when you write the letters on them. Trace them on the back of the paper and cut them out.
Alternate the patterns and colors. Lay them out until you are happy with what it looks like and then write out some fun letters on them.
Lay them on top of each other (alternating one on top, one underneath...)
I used a teeny hole punch (kind of like an ice pick) to poke a hole through each overlapping corner. Then push a little brad through each hole. That way you can fold it all in and store it for later if you want to use it again. At the last minute, I decided to finish it off, so I grabbed some streamers and cut them in four strips to kind of finish it off. You could also use some ribbon though.

Here she is in all her fun glory!
I hated taking it down after the party. She was so fun to look at. : )

Cost breakdown:
Paper: $2.50 (50 cents a piece)
Brads: $3.00 (but had a ton left over for other projects)
Sharpie: already had it


Christine.M08 said...

That is so cute! Love recognizing Hobby Lobby paper and such every time I read your blog!