Easter 2010

Every once in a while, we like to pretend that we live out of town so we can come and spend the night with my mom and dad and get in a little extra time with them. My mom asked us to come over on Easter weekend and we had a great time!

We colored and dyed Easter eggs and Kennedy was more excited about that than ever before. : )
We got her some fun things for their Easter baskets...trying not to overdo it with the commercialism. We usually do a basket and do an Easter egg hunt, but try to make sure that the focus is on what Jesus did for us and the true meaning of Easter.
After a good morning,it was time to get ready for church. Both of the girls looked beautiful in their little Easter dresses and I couldn't believe how great they were in the service. Kennedy didn't make a peep and Adelynn did great as well. The worship section was amazing. I cried of course. What a blessing to know that our Savior loves us THAT much and to know that not even death has a hold. He even conquered that!
Of course Kennedy looked even better with her new guitar on. Her birthday was 2 days before Easter, so she was still pretty attached. : )

Family Picture
(Even I got a new outfit thanks to my sweet mom. She had been wanting to go shopping for a long time and we finally got a chance. We had such a great day- just the two of us)

When we got home it was time for the Easter egg hunt. We had Kennedy go in the bedroom while we hid the eggs (you can see the bedroom window in the picture). While I was hiding the eggs I caught her peeking through the blinds. ha!! It cracked me up. She said she "wasn't peeking", she was "just looking".
What she did next proved that she's definitely like her type A momma. ha! Without any prompting, she lined all of her eggs up by color before opening them. She acted just as surprised with each new egg as she was with the first one... "Chocolate!!!" "Monies!!!" "Candy!!!"...precious!
Later that night we decided to let Adelynn take her first "swim" in my parents hot tub. She loved it and we loved watching her! The hot tub is probably the best thing my parents ever bought. All the kids love it and we can play in it all year round. It's definitely one of KK's favorite things to do.