March update

I thought I would write a little about what we've been up to in March.

  • Adelynn is sitting up and is also doing the pre-crawl boogie (which she sometimes turns into downward dog). I had to get one looking down so you could see her sweet little legs! She is still so petite. She is 8 months and is still wearing some 0-3 month clothes. I am not complaining though...she is very healthy and I know she'll grow too fast soon enough.
  • Kennedy is still smothering her with kisses and telling her how cute she is and how much she loves her.
  • We have been doing some major redecorating on our casa ("on the cheap" as younghouselove would say). It's not perfect by any means, but we are excited! Pictures will come!
  • We had a huge unexpected snow during spring break this year. I think we ended up getting 11-12 inches.
  • The week before it, we got to go to the park with some friends and play. We had so much fun having leaf fights (adults played too) and watching the kiddos play together. The weather was much nicer too. : )
  • Kennedy is constantly taking care of her babies. The babies have officially taken over our house. ha! When she gets up in the morning, she gets right to work. Some of them go for a nap in our bed after she feeds them...
  • and the others get to sit down and watch her get a party ready for them. It may look like a table with a bunch of junk on it, but I guarantee you that each and every piece has a specific purpose. She takes it very seriously. : ) I love that she uses cars for food even thought we have some pretend food (great imagination that kid!).

  • She even got my mom (Mimi) in on it and made her dress up to go to the party.
  • and last but definitely not least...My mom only has 3 WEEKS OF RADIATION LEFT! I cannot believe she is almost done! I am almost scared to get excited and yet so relieved for her! I think she is beginning to see the end and I can already see relief on her face when she talks about it. I cannot even express how proud I am of her!
We also celebrated K's birthday with Dasun family in March, but that will be in the April post since her birthday is actually in April. That update will be coming soon as well. : )


sara said...

1. I can't believe how tiny adelynn is! she is such a beauty!
2. LOVE kennedy's imagination, that table cracks me up!
3. where'd you get that rug?