Mom's Last Treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my mom's last treatment and we couldn't be more excited for her! I got to go surprise her outside her last treatment with signs, balloons, and tons of hugs, and then take her out for a little treat. I am so thankful that this long and painful road is over for her. I am ready for her little body to have sometime to heal and not be in so much pain. Thank you so much for your support and prayers! Please continue to pray that she would heal quickly and remain healthy.

The celebrations will continue all weekend and will end with us all getting to walk together in the Race for the Cure on Saturday. The timing has been so neat! A group of her closest friends and some of my closest friends got some matching t-shirts made for the race. I will post pictures after the race.

Update: Well, it rained on Saturday, so about half of our group didn't come. A lot of people had kiddos and didn't want to get them out in the rain, but we still had a good turn out.

This is a picture of most of our group meeting up before the race (you can see our stroller on the right and Adelynn peeking out) : )

It was pretty amazing to see how many people showed up, even in the rain. We were relatively close to the front, and you can see how many people are in front of us (not including the runners that had already gone and the other walks taking place).

Here are a few of us after the race. We only thought we were wet. It rained the whole time we were walking, but it really poured about 5 minutes after we had finished. POURED!!! I haven't been that soaked in a long time. I am so glad it wasn't like that while we were walking. The Lord was so good to hold it off for us. : )
*On a side note, the girls did great! I was so proud of them! Not one complaint! Even Adelynn did great until she slumped down in the stroller and felt trapped. We had to hold her after that, but she lasted 1 hr and 20 min...not too bad for an energy filled infant. : )

Here's a better picture of the shirts:


sara said...

Yay!! I'm so thankful your mom gets to be done with that mess. We will continue to pray for sustained health.

Jenny said...

That's so great that you all were able to walk together! What perfect timing. I will keep your mom in my prayers!