Birds Nest

My friend Laura made me a beautiful wreath basket for my front door because I have no floral arranging skills whatsoever. The other day I kept noticing that a bird was flying right outside our door every time I would open it. It turns out that it was a little mama bird making a nest. I opened the door to other day to see a sweet little nest, beautifully crafted with grass and what looks like mop fibers. It amazes me that no one has to show them how to do that. God's creation is amazing! I had to take some pictures, but made sure I stayed far away from the nest. Here are the beautiful eggs.


trish said...

Good Morning.
What a pretty little nest! I have a basket of flowers right out side of my front door that has 4 little eggs and a sweet momma wren who is caring for them.
Isn't it amazing to see all the sticks and fibers they gather to create their little nests?
Have a great day.
Sincerely ~ Trish