My hair--DOWN!

Okay, I give in...I am posting a picture of me with my hair down. I always wear my hair up, so I have had a ton of you ask me what it looks like when it's down. I had it down the other day and Kennedy wanted to use our camera to take some pictures. She got these two of me, so I thought I'd go ahead and post them for you. Please excuse all the sewing mess in the background. I am trying to do a little sewing for the girls (stress the word "trying").

Reasons I almost never wear it this way:
a) It's big! ...This was taken about 30 minutes after I had fixed it. It only continues to grow bigger throughout the day...a little scary and annoying.
*On a side note...this mop has been thinned 2 times in the last few months,
so yes, it could be much bigger. ha!
b) My hair naturally falls forward, so it gets in my face all day. I am constantly bending over to take care of kiddos and really bothers me when it's in my face. Keep in mind that we are not talking about a few strands. When my hair is in my face....think IT from the Adams family. I truly can't see a thing. ha!
c) My hair only looks good if it's a certain way, so I have to keep fixing it every time it moves...WAY too high maintenance for me. I like to get ready once and then not think about it again (hair and make-up).


Jenny said...

Ha! That's great. I wore my hair down to church a couple of weeks ago, and people I've known for years politely nodded and smiled at me and then did a double-take when I spoke. Cameron even cried when I went to get him up from his crib because he didn't recognize me either. :) You look pretty with your hair up or down. I think mine looks better down, but I'm with you - it's too much trouble! :)

Mitzi said...

Beautiful friend!! I used to know this girl whose hair was down most of the time! :) It is beautiful either way. That is a blessing, not everyone can say that! I do love those curls and I love you! :)

Chris and Carrie said...

I miss seeing that girl! You look so beautiful with your hair down. And it is NOT too big, it is just right :)

sara said...

hey hot stuff!! you know i love it.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh but that mane is truly beautiful. As it is now hot, hot, hot in Phoenix my hair is up most of the time too.