Ode to Kennedy

Kennedy has been cracking me up as always. One minute I find myself looking at a young lady...sitting up so nicely, acting so grown up, loving puzzles, wanting to wear beautiful dresses, making up pretty songs, and wanting to do everything herself. I can't even believe how grown up she is. The next minute, she's a complete goofball, giggling like crazy, wanting to wrestle, cracking me up and driving me crazy all at once. ha! She is a very good mix. Serious/Not serious... Not to girly/Not too boyish...She has such a unique personality and is such a joy to my life. Lately we have gotten really tickled at her bargaining skills. I am onto her little tricks, but she kind of has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She always seems to need to do "one more thing" when he's putting her to bed, and because the things are sweet things (like give me more kisses or give Adelynn one more hug), she usually gets away with it. Truth be told, she is smart/tricky, but she is also truly sweet. She's a little hard to resist, but luckily for her, we love her enough to stand our ground when it counts.
Oh precious Kennedy, we love EVERY little bit of you. You are constantly making us laugh, challenging us, and surprising us. You make our lives so much more colorful and fun and we are so thankful for you!

Random K Trivia:
-You know about 8 verses now and are even good at telling me where they are found.
-You know where everything is and have actually helped me find some things...growing up TOO fast!
-You LOVE your sister with everything you have and that makes my heart so happy!
-You know all of your letters & sounds and are starting to hear them in the words you hear and say. "Mama...f-f-fast!! That starts with "fff"!!!" I love seeing you be so excited about it.
-You can swing all by yourself. You have been able to pump your legs for a while, but wanted me to help you get started. As of this week, you can do that "all by yourself".
-You are so good at putting puzzles together. I am actually pretty amazed by how good you are (100pc puzzle in about 10 minutes by yourself). I think you are better than mommy. : )
-You love the song in the Easter Carol Movie, "Hope's Song," about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. I love hearing you sing about the Lord...precious.
-You keep saying, "when I grow up to be a mama, I'm going to........"
-You will meet random people and if they seem nice, you'll say, "I like that girl, she's nice, I love her." You still have very few personal boundaries (kind of like your mama).
-You are stubborn to a fault (also like your mama -and daddy). It's not my favorite quality now, but I am thankful for it. It will be pretty handy in this world if you learn to harness it for good.
-You love to use big words and make up some of your own.
"Well, actually I'd prefer this one" (when picking out a movie)
"Mama would you like to play Hupullhose?" (popping bubble wrap with your feet)
-Oh...I could go on and on...wait...I already have. Well, I just wanted to catch up on some of the things I love about my Kennedy.